Custom Wedding Ceremonies, because its about YOU! 

Amy Melissen

That's how I see it anyway. This thing started off as a favor (and absolute honor) for close friends from high school, then another favor, then I found myself getting to know these couples on a totally different plane, as unique moments and collections of people they knew. I get to know you, and why you two work well, then I help you celebrate that with a ceremony that does JUST THAT, CELEBRATES YOU! 

Fees range based off ceremony type, location, length, and other factors. This is how I usually work things, I am flexible: 

Initial meeting with couple and officiant-casual, discuss options and preferences, and give official quote. 

Once Terms are agreed upon I start writing the ceremony. I then contact each partner and do a personal phone interview to help write the rest of the ceremony. This is a very personalized process. If this is what you are looking for please email me. 

Thank you!