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Private Tutoring Sessions:

Tutoring in elementary level math, science, social studies, reading, and writing are all available in hour long sessions and cost $60.

Standardized Test Prep is also available and prices vary depending on available preparation time for tests. Standard rate usually applies unless the session is short notice. Email me if you have any questions.

​​Learning is a personal thing. Therefore, teaching should be the counter balance that creates an environment where learning can remain personal. I have dedicated my educational journey to learning about the way a student learns and then creating a curriculum that will best fit their individual needs and interests.  When I was younger I was in remedial math classes, and always seemed to be the last person taking the test or finishing up my notes. I learned through the experience of having many talented teachers that I learned best in an environment where I was free to make decisions and lead my learning through my interest. My teachers helped to guide me and fill in the blanks and by the time I finished high school I had learned how to learn. 

I have taken this model and applied it to my private music lessons and personal tutoring sessions. I learn about the student and then let their decisions and interests give me a starting point as to how and when to introduce information. Anyone can learn anything. Its all on how its presented.

Private Music Lessons:      Now Enrolling!

Saturday Mornings/afternoon in Mt Oliver 

*Private voice, piano, guitar, ukulele, and songwriting are all available to students ages 4 and up.

*Lessons are interest-based and students will be able to explore any of the above mentioned instruments during their lessons in a manner that encourages growth, discipline, and enjoyment of creativity. Performance is highly encouraged in whatever capacity is appropriate and vast performance opportunities for students will be available.  

*Half Hour Lesson-$30

*45 Min-$40


Knowing how to learn, learning how to know.

Group Classes Starting January 2018

THEY'RE BACK! Group classes consisting of 3-8 students lasting 13-14 weeks depending on student schedules. If interested email: 

  • Songwriting
  • Guitar
  • Performance/gigging Techniques.