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Thank you Ken Kerr for all of the live videos and photos.


A nice little cover by Hem-Half Acre. This one is about home. 

Here's a cut from the studio, "In Life."

Most of these videos are in the same venue, Club Cafe. This was the venue for years that housed Acouticafe, an organization that promotes and fosters local music in the Pittsburgh region.  I really cannot explain what a role this room of people and music has done for my development as a musician and a human. Here is a really special performance from when I hosted in September 2015.

Thank you for your patience in waiting for more content from me and my musics. I have been hard at work and here is something from ME to YOU with love. Please enjoy this MUSIC VIDEO!!! This song is included on the album.

Here it is, your favorite sarcastic waitress song. 

Check it out!!

In October I was on Saturday Light Brigade in Pittsburgh.

Listen to the interview and music spotlight! 

WYEP Finalist Perfomance

The live performance of finalists for the 2015 singer songwriter competition. 11/19/15. 

Listen to the whole show.